Generation Unity (Gen U) is a youth organization based in Los Angeles, CA, whose mission is to inspire and empower youth to create unity in the world.  We bring together eighth-graders from all over LA's diverse communities, engaging them in exercises, dialogue, theater games and art-making around the themes of difference, identity, community and the world -- ultimately asking the question: In a world of so many cultures, backgrounds, languages and beliefs, what does unity look like -- and how do we create it?

As a founding member of Generation Unity and a native Angeleno, Dawn-Lyen has been involved with Gen U's development and planning from its inception.  She deeply believes in the possibilities of an empowered generation of young people standing for unity in LA and beyond.  To see a short video about Generation Unity's pilot workshop, "Unity in Diversity," please click here or on the logo above (official Gen U website coming soon!).